My life is seriously insane right now! By the time you get this I will be on my way over the pass to Philomath for my wedding. My fiancée and I just bought a house. She has moved in and I am doing so slowly. My current home is a very sparse, sad looking place. I am trying to meet everybody at church, get a mission trip organized, get to know all the youth, leaders, and recruit more; the list goes on and on. On days like today, I am FREAKING OUT!

Steven is talking about staying strong in the stress. That is a message I need more than ever. I just hope and pray that through the coming weeks when I feel constantly bombarded with the everyday stuff of life that I will not just take that first breath but I will be able to inhale, big and deep, and take a second breath. I trust in this community in the people I have come to know and who I continue to get to know that they will help me to respond productively when I have days like today.

Help me and hopefully I can help you to remember to “Be Still, and Know that I am God.”

Be Still…Be Still…Be Still…meditate on how God is calling us to respond. Respond to our calling, respond to our community, respond to our church, respond to our country, and respond to our world.

Take a deep breath and let’s, together, take the next step on this journey we call faith.



One thought on “I am FREAKING OUT!!

  1. Hang in there bro! You can do it. Nice comment on Rick’s blog. Way to stand up for Presbyterians, post-moderns and sem grads everywhere!
    Have a good day and breathe,

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