Back in Bend

I have been a way for a couple of weeks getting married and going on my honeymoon and now I am back and ready to ramp up my energy and focus on the youth program. Thank you to all that participated in the Silent Auction it was a huge success, we raised about $1700. Thanks to all that support the youth program in public and private ways. We are always open and welcome comments, prayers, financial support, or just a friendly face.

Before I get off on a tangent I will give everyone a barebones description of the wedding and honeymoon. It can all be summed up in one word, AMAZING! I am sure that doesn’t cut it. So here it is…our wedding weekend (set-up, rehearsal, ceremony, and reception) (Check out our photographer, Mindy Strauss’ blog and our pictures: Part 1 and Part 2) could not have gone any better. We were surrounded by friends and family and God even cooperated (There was a record high of 84° in Corvallis on the day of our wedding.) We danced into the night and shared a good ole West Virginia tradition of singing John Denver’s “Country Roads” to close out the party.

The honeymoon was in Scotland and was great. Aside from all of the Presbyterian history that my wife, Heidi, and I love, we were able to see a lot. (6 churches, 5 castles, 3 distilleries, 2 hikes, John Knox’s House, and 1291 miles of driving) I have a million stories and was able to worship in the Holy Trinity Parish of the Church of Scotland in St. Andrews (the pulpit where John Knox gave his first public sermon) and attend an evensong service at Rosslyn Chapel (made famous by the “Da Vinci Code”)

Well enough about me…let’s get caught up with the youth. As many of you know TYG has been watching movies every Wednesday night. I have only been able to be at one of them but the conversations we had were very uplifting. We were able to talk about the presence of God, the message of the movie “I am Legend”, and the virtue of sacrifice and faith.

I look forward to continuing with you on our journey called faith. It has already been a wild ride and I am strapping in for whatever comes next.




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