My Presbyterian Honeymoon

So as many of you know I just got back from my honeymoon.

My wife, Heidi, and I went to Scotland for a lot of reasons, one of which was all of the Presbyterian history. People like John Knox followed in the line of John Calvin and other Reformers. I won’t bore you with all of the history of the Presbyterian church (but know if you want to talk about it I would love to sit down and share a cup of coffee, or smoothie, or meal with you).

I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you one story that I learned while in “the motherland”.

As you may or may not know Scotland has had a tumultuous history, one part of that history and ours (as Presbyterians) can be traced back to the mid-1600s. Battle for control of Scotland was at a peak and Charles II pledged to the Reformers that we would support them if and when he came to the kingship. Well, ole Charlie did come to power and then went back on his word re-instituting the episcopacy (or Catholic church). This did not sit well with many Scots and when one of Charles’ bishops tried to say mass in St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh a women stood up and threw her stool at him. SHE THREW HER STOOL AT THE PRIEST DURING MASS!! She also accompanied that with something very eloquent but the gist was “not in my church!”

This action started by a woman in 1637 led to the signing of the Covenant in 1638 a couple of blocks away at the Greyfriars’ Church. That action led to 18,000 people being martyred for their Reformed beliefs.

That story is pretty nuts but it was the predecessor, the foundation of what is now the Presbyterian Church. One person started it, a small local church made it official, and a dedicated group of believers carried the torch that lit the flame that is Presbyterianism in the United States and around the world.

Pretty cool!

Also as promised…here are the pictures that Heidi and I took during our honeymoon. I choose to use the facebook link because it is the only version that I have had time to add captions. They are also on flickr, and picasa.


Honeymoon Album 1

Honeymoon Album 2

Honeymoon Album 3

Honeymoon Album 4




One thought on “My Presbyterian Honeymoon

  1. Hi Gregg

    Great choice of destination for your honeymoon. I hope you both enjoy many years of wedded bliss.

    I guess you didn’t know about walk talk tours as they would have made a perfect complement for your trip.

    Take a look at and maybe next time

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