April Newsletter from Group Workcamps

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-Final payment is due by May 15. All unpaid spaces will need to be cancelled to make room for other groups.
-All payments become non-refundable 30 days before your trip (excluding $50 deposits which are non-refundable upon registration).

If you’ve received your Camper Form Mailing from us, don’t forget to return the following four forms to our office no later than 30 days before your camp starts:

-Camper Information Form with original signature by each participant (parent’s too if under 21)
-Transportation Form
-“Your Group List” form
-Verification of Background Check Form for each adult attending in your group
This mailing also included a “Your Camp Information” sheet inside each participant envelope that has information about your camp’s lodging facility. If this form was not ready when we mailed out your group’s box, we’ll email and mail it to you as soon as it’s ready.

TIP: Extra Camper Information Forms, Transportation Forms and Your Camp Info Forms are available on your online Leader Manual site.

Take your mission trip photos home with you! In the past, purchased mission trip photos were burned on a CD and mailed to participants after their trip. New this year, you can purchase photos on a reusable 1GB flash drive and take them home from camp…no more waiting! The cost is $28.00. The flash drive includes: all slide shows pictures, lodging and free time images, and every shot taken by your staff. AND it will also include the daily themed slide from the programs. You can use any of these images in your own presentations when you get home. (NOTE: This will be the only way for you to get pictures from your trip.) Order online before your mission (use the “Store” link on http://www.groupworkcamps.com), or order and pay while you’re at camp and you’ll have the flash drive to take home with you!

Here’s our exclusive social network that began last year, where you can stay connected with your mission trip friends all year long! Post blogs, join camp-specific groups (or make your own), send messages, upload photos and videos, and much more…all from a secure, password-accessible website. The 2007 and 2008 locations are up now! If you haven’t signed up before, here’s how:

1) http://www.GroupWorkcamps.com and click on “Online Community”
2) Create your account. Your initial password is “spm@ckrow1”. You can set your own password after your initial login.
3) Now you’re ready to log in, create your profile, and join camp-specific groups. Just click on the “Camps” tab to find your 2008 mission location.

4) Before you go on your mission, be sure to join your camp group, so you can get to know other participants and youth groups that are attending with you.

TIP: After your tripsend messages to your new friends, upload your trip videos and photos, share stories, blogs, and more.

-Plan to arrive at camp during Check-In time & stay until Check-Out (times found in the Camp Schedule of your Leader Manual). Many other groups and activities are impacted by people not sticking with this schedule.

-This year’s theme is “Love Out Loud” (1 John 3:18) Find out more about this AND what theme item you’re supposed to bring in your Leader Manual.


THANK YOU…for serving with us in 2008! Please call us with anything throughout the year 1-800-385-4545, option 3.

You are in our prayers,
Group Workcamps Registration Team

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