AP Tests, graduation, SATs, ACTs, jazz festivals, baseball games, lacrosse games, buddy programs, teaching Sunday school, community service, etc., etc.

That is what is going on in the lives of our youth. Everyday our students are asked to think about how what they are doing may impact their decisions for the future. Will this look good on a college application? Is my GPA high enough? Will people like me? All of these questions swirl around our young people, while at the same time their bodies and minds are going through one of the biggest transitions in their life. We ask them to be mature and to be able to respond appropriately to the things that are going on in their lives, but I am not sure we ever ask them to stop…and breathe.

I know several of our youth who just simply have too much going on, they have something every night of the week on top of their already daunting responsibilities from school. These things are extra, these things can be beneficial, these things provide a wonderful service, these things help people to grow; however, what they do not provide is space to breathe. Steven has been talking about taking the second breath; sometimes I am not sure if our youth have time to take a first breath. I think that second breath is vital to our mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical health.

I encourage everyone, parents, youth, anyone reading this to try and find time in your daily life for breathing. I know that I don’t always get an opportunity to breathe and I know that at times it can be a struggle not to respond to all of the need in the world as well as our desire to participate, but take some time to sit back, relax, and enjoy this wonderful creation that we have all around us.




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