More Answers from a Moderator Candidate

As you may have read, we have sent out questions to all four of the moderator candidates (Bruce Reyes-Chow, Roger Shoemaker, Carl Mazza, and Bill Teng) for the General Assembly of the PC (USA). These are the responses given to us by Roger Shoemaker.


What does the moderator do? Why should I, as a youth, care about the moderator?

The moderator has several sides, beyond moderation the GA plenary sessions, to their time in office. One is to be a ecumenical representative for the denomination. Another is to be a connection between the churches and presbyteries that they visit and the General Assembly offices. Next is to work to unite the denomination without downgrading any of the controversial problems of the churches. Last to be a mission advocate.

What is the most meaningful experience you had as a youth?

If over 21 is youth I think that two sessions as a camp counselor during my college years.

What can I, as a youth, do to help the church? The world? Other youth?

Spend some time understanding the depths of the biblical writings. Your strength as a Christian comes from who you are in relation to who you are called to be by Jesus .

What is our role, as youth, in the church? The denomination?

You bring energy, questions that cause older generations to have to rethink their answers based on current cultures, To be willing to journey through the dessert of disbelief to understand who you because you will inherit the church.

What are your top five favorite movies? Why?

Mary Poppins, Star trek, Indiana Jones, Sound of Music, Harry Potter.

All because they take us through imagination to places that stretch the mind even if in an

Unbelievable story.

Thanks Roger!



We hope to have answers from the other two soon.


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