More Answers from a Moderater Candidate III

Today we got the responses to our questions for the four candidates standing for moderator of the 218th General Assembly of the PC (USA).

Here are Carl Mazza’s answers:

Sorry to give you fairly short answers, but it’s been a very busy week. Your interest, and especially that of your young people, is much appreciated.

What does the moderator do? Why should I, as a youth, care about the moderator?

The moderator helps set the tone for the entire church, and a moderator who focuses on the importance of developing youth leadership in the church will be a persuasive force to make it happen, and to energize youth and young adults to take part, knowing they will have a strong influence in guiding the Church.

What is the most meaningful experience you had as a youth?

My conversion to Jesus, which happened when I was 15 years old, and changed my life forever. I was not a Presbyterian, but a group of youth from a Presbyterian church befriended me in a time of real crisis in my life. Their witness, friendship, and support brought me to Christ. Through them, I owe the Church a huge debt which I have been seeking to repay through my ministry ever since. My parish is Meeting Ground in Cecil County, Maryland – a ministry for persons and families experiencing homelessness. You can read about it at:

What can I, as a youth, do to help the church? The world? Other youth?

Get involved in local mission, in a way which builds relationships and develops Christian community. Let others in need give to you as well as you to them, and keep your mission centered in the living presence of Jesus.

What is our role, as youth, in the church? The denomination?

Help guide the church into its future. Begin now, and encourage whoever the Moderator is to focus on leadership of youth. The Presbyterian Church is at a critical crossroad in its history, and the viewpoint & opinion of young people is critical if it is to have a bright future and effective ministry. If I am elected moderator, I expect to hear from you as to where I should be going, and to whom I should be speaking!

What are your top five favorite movies? Why?

I will give you one, if that’s ok: “A Man for All Seasons” from 1968, based on the true story of the life of Thomas More and his stand for principle and conscience in politics.

In faith, hope, and love – Carl Mazza

Thank you for your responses Carl and we pray for your peace in this time along the journey we call faith.


To see responses from other candidates you can just click on their name:

Bill Teng
Bruce Reyes-Chow
Roger Shoemaker


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