SALT Teens Smith Rock State Park

Sorry this has taken so long to get posted…

On Wednesday July 18, 9 junior high students (Marci, Maddie, Alex, Lexie, Hannah, Claire, Alejandro, Mario, and Brian), 1 senior high student (Taylor), three adult leaders (Marilyn, Charlotte, and Sandy), and me (Greg) went on a hike around Smith Rock State Park near Terrebone.

It was a beautiful clear day without a cloud in the sky. We met in the parking lot, grabbed our lunches, put on sunscreen, made sure everyone had enough water, and, of course, prayed before we headed off on the trail. We split up, some took the high road and some took the low road.

The high road led up the Misery Ridge trail, which was narrow and steep. It was hot, and we took several water stops to make sure we made it all the way to Monkey Face. While we were on top of Misery Ridge we ran into Darin, a hiker on his way to Glacier National Park who had just stopped to look around. Darin took our picture and wished him well on his journey.

The low road winded around the park following the Crooked River.

On the way down from Monkey Face, the trail was steep and the dirt was loose, several of us took a couple of stumbles and slid a little, but all in all it was wonderfully fun and rewarding.

When we got to the bottom we all met up under the shade by the river and enjoyed lunch together. Marilyn brought us See’s Walnut Bars, that were a wonderful dessert and helped us help others get the opportunity to go to camp. (Talk to Marilyn for more details if you want to help as well.)

After lunch, we all followed the river back to the head of the trail, along the way we saw a river otter, birds building their nests, lizards, caterpillars, and many other amazing things. The straight-up hill hike to the car was the most challenging part of the whole day. We gathered at the parking lot and convoyed over to my house, where we all had ice cream sundaes and a run through the sprinklers to cap off the day.

While we were enjoying our ice cream we talked about our favorite parts of the day. Some said the hike up Misery Ridge, some said it was their time with friends, some said it was the beautiful weather, but all agreed that we had a great time enjoying God’s creation and the wonderful landscape we enjoy here in Central Oregon.

If you would like to see all the pictures from our glorious trip. Follow this link. (BTW Many of the photos taken from top of Misery Ridge were taken by Alejandro (Handy) and Brian. I think they take excellent photos.)

Also I would be remiss if I didn’t lift up the work by our one senior high student, Taylor. While we were hiking Taylor took the lead on the hike so that the other adults could help those who were having trouble. She stopped at appropriate times and was a wonderful example of a model for the younger students to look up to. Taylor also went home after the hike and then met us for TYG Movie Night at the Old Mill Theater, AND she brought a friend. On Wednesday, July 18 Taylor was a SUPER YOUTH! Thanks you, Taylor.



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