Presbytery of the Cascades Summer Conference

Here is the link to the Presbyterian News Service‘s story about Mark Yaconelli keynoting the conference that was here, at First Presbyterian Church-Bend, last week.

Sabbath-keeping key to experiencing God’s love, Yaconelli tells Cascades conferees




3 thoughts on “Presbytery of the Cascades Summer Conference

  1. I’ve never used a blog, so you’ll have to tell me if this works. I think your idea of the ministries going directly to the youth is great. I am on session and would be glad to help you on that. My only concern is that at least my youth don’t use e-mail and that is what the ministries use. What is your suggestion on that?

  2. I realize that email is the preferred method of communication. I was actually thinking of having people talk to the youth face to face on Sundays. I realize that would mean that the youth would need to be there, but it is a work in progress.

    Thanks for reading,

  3. It also means the youth would have to remember the date, etc. I know I would be willing to have them send me e-mails for my youth. Maybe we could make that an option so that the parent and the youth could decide together what works in that family.

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