2008 Upcoming Youth Events

The Flock (6th-8th Grade)

September 26-27 Suttle Lake Retreat

October 8 LOGOs Opening Night

October 17-19 Middle School Mania, Canyonview Camp, Silverton

(Greg is the keynote speaker)

December 17 Ice Skating

The Fold (9th-12th Grade)

September 12-13 Suttle Lake Retreat

October 1 LOGOs Opening Night

November 21-23 Cascades Presbytery Youth Assembly (CPYA)

Canby Grove Conference Center

December 17 Progressive Dinner

These are just the things that are on the calendar now, we hope to be adding more events as the year goes on. Keep checking the blog, the church website, or the youth calendar for added events.

To volunteer, sign-up, or just to get more information contact Greg at ggbolt16@gmail.com. We look forward to another wonderful and exciting year of youth ministry.

The First Presbyterian Church Youth Program seeks to open minds, open hearts, and open souls to the unconditional love and compassion of Jesus Christ




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