Spiritual Practice? Sure why not!

Alright so here we go…a little while ago I reposted a post from the PC (USA)’s Swords into Plowshares blog about the spiritual practice of fasting in response to the Global Food Crisis. The post was followed by a story from the Presbyterian News Service with resources for fasting, focused meditation, and a place to sign up.

Last night at our meeting of the Fold, I asked the youth if they would be interested in doing this, there was some positive response. We talked about concerns of growing bodies and minds, we even talked about other things that you could “fast” from other than food.

Which is where this story is going…

Heidi and I have decided to take on this spiritual practice for this year starting this week. Heidi will be giving up food and I will giving up my cell phone, twitter, blogs, facebook, and the overall internet. (I am not fasting from food because I am a Type 1 diabetic.) Actually, it irritates the fire out of me that I can’t do something (or shouldn’t) because of my diabetes. I don’t like when I feel like my body is failing me. That, however, is way off the subject…or at least the original intent of this post.

I know of at least one youth who will giving up XBox for one weekend a month. I feel like these are baby steps, but important ones that could lead to some serious discernment about actually needs for me and some of my youth.

We also agreed that on the weeks of communion (first Sunday of the month for us) that we would come to the early service (9 Am for us) take communion together and then during our Sunday School time (10:45 AM for us) we would share a meal together and talk about our experience. I am looking forward to these discussions and to see where they lead us.

I know that we aren’t really supposed to talk about fasting when we do it, but I would love to be able to share my thoughts and get others thoughts about experiences, discernment, and clarity.

I look forward to this experience…So this weekend Oct. 3-5, I will not be “on the grid”. If I don’t respond to your email, it is because I am intentionally staying away. If I don’t comment on your comment on Facebook it is because I haven’t seen it. If I don’t answer your text it is because my Blackberry is off.

This should be fun…or at least educational and maybe even spiritual.

Join me, join us, let’s see if we can hear God calling us into a transformative way of life.




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