What does it mean to have a successful youth ministry?

I had lunch with one of the adult leaders in our group this week, he asked the question, “What does it mean to have a successful youth program?” This, I think, is a great question. (and one of the reasons that this youth leader is so helpful…he asks great questions) A question that I can not answer on my own. Part of my answer to this question would include something to the effect of “many voices coming together to discern the will of God for the direction of the youth ministry.”

I have some thoughts on this subject but I want to think about them a little more. I also would invite you (the reader…whoever you may be) to help me, help us out with this question. Leave your answer in the comment line, link us to your blog, or email me at ggbolt16 [at] gmail dot com.

Hopefully, I will get some response and then we can begin the discernment process for figuring out what it means to have a successful youth ministry at First Presbyterian Church in Bend, Oregon.



4 thoughts on “What does it mean to have a successful youth ministry?

  1. I was talking to someone about this post and they said the focus shifts when you think of the question as, “What does it mean to have an EFFECTIVE youth ministry?”

    Effective rather than successful, I think it does change the focus. What do you think?

  2. from Sarah Svendsen (mother of two of our youth and LOGOs volunteer)

    “A successful youth ministry…” Wow, your friend jumps right to the big questions. In part, I think success in ym happens when you have kids who are intrigued by the idea of a real, not just a vague-out-there-difficult-to-grasp concept, but a real relationship with Jesus. It happens when kids feel safe asking anything. It happens when they feel cared about. I see ym as first, making opportunity for the kids to see and experience the unconditional love of Christ. Then, if they choose (or have chosen) to have that real relationship in their own lives, a successful ym helps them to see Christ’s love as an integral part of who they are. Finally, a successful ym helps kids to see that they have the ability to have a powerful impact on their own world through that incredible love. Something like that…

    Thanks Sarah!

  3. from Liz (one of our seniors and author)

    “That you provide a place for questioning and finding answers. Also, youth should feel like they have choices in the direction of the “youth” ministry, even if they aren’t the leaders. The measure of success is how comfortable and supported, yet challenged and enlightened the group makes its members feel.”

    Thanks Liz

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