Election Reflection

Last night, I watched the election results just like most of the people I know. I watched as my wife jumped up and down when CNN announced the Barack Obama would be elected the 44th President of the United States of America. I am not sure why but I did not share her joy.

Am I happy that Barack Obama was elected?…Yes, most assuredly yes! But, I was left feeling eerily similar to the way I felt in 2005 when I was in the hall during the vote on the Peace, Unity, and Purity Report.

On that day, I was relieved, overjoyed, and terrified. On that day, I walked out of the hall, found my father, and wept like a child in his arms. I was overcome with emotion because the feelings on both sides were so adamant that I wan’t sure what we were going to do next. In that hall in Birmingham I saw Presbyterians, MY brothers and MY sisters in Christ, refusing to stand with one another and pray. I saw that and was devastated. The questions running around in my head ran fast and furious, they all led to one thing. I was watching MY FAMILY tear itself apart.

The feeling I got last night was eerily similar.

I like many bloggers, Christians, citizens, etc. were excited about the ideas of change and hope that Obama campaigned on and like many of my friends I hope that those ideals will continue thoughtout this presidency and this country. I saw many facebook status updates, tweets, liveblogs, and blog post that were filled with anger, disappointment, and fear. I also saw many that were full of joy, satisfaction, and hope. I hope that those people can come together so we can truly work together.

I don’t say that to say that let’s work together so that you can see my point, but let’s work together so we can understand each other, so we can be open to outside ideas, so we can, hopefully, discern God’s will for our lives, for our country, and for our place in the world.

This blog is just one of many, that calls for us to take the things that many of us have said throughout this election season and put those words to actions. Put down the megaphones for peace, pick up the hand of your neighbor, pull away from your investment portfolios, reach out to those who are in need, stop talking, start listening, pray, hope, trust, love.

I hope, I am not piling on…I hope that our ethnically, socially, politically, theologicall, socio-economocially diverse youth group can learn from this, and can model what it means to work together. I hope we can be a model not only to our own diverse church, but also to our community. I hope that I can model what it means to know what you believe in and why, and still be able to work with, minister with, love those who believe differently than me and know why.

I sent out a mass text message last night. I made it my facebook status this morning and it went like this, “A new day has dawned and today the work of reconciliation begins in earnest, it is our job to set the example. God be with us.”

I only hope that those that “won” will not gloat, but be of the same demeanor of our President-Elect, poised, solemn, and determined to work to make this country better, more loving, and more gracious.

I hope that those that “lost” will not disengage, will not take their hurt and frustration and completelt give up on the conversation. We need all voices to be heard if we are going to actually make any changes. When we stand together in a great multitude seeking to work for change and compromise and love and wholeness that is when we as a country will truly be changed.

That takes all of us, all of us in the conversation, all of us talking, and most importantly, all of us listening.

God be with us!


“Stop waiting on God to bless what you are doing and get involved in what God is doing that is already blessed.”–Bono

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One thought on “Election Reflection

  1. Given to me in another medium:

    While looking hither, thither and yonder through cyber-space, I happened to cross paths with your blog..It caught and held me. My memory flashed to a hall outside the meeting of GA in Detroit. A long time ago in a place where Presbyterian sisters and brothers.fought across lines erected as standards of truth.And woe be to those why incorrectly spelled Truth.
    I had left the hall and was wandering aimlessly, when I spotted Howard Rice. Surely, he would be a rock to lean on. But Howard was weeping, I Left.
    There are halls outside of meeting rooms where we are confronted and put to the test. By grace we have made our way through the meeting rooms and hallways. In the meeting rooms and hallways which compose our present, we go in faith. And there is hope – how to live with and by it ?
    As I said, I think, “our hallways intersected and life is…!


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