Twitter of Faith

I love social networking, I know, for some, it is foreign and seemingly irrelevant and then something like this happens.

Over the weekend, while watching football and generally stressing out about preaching for the first time at the church I serve. I was checking my blackberry, as per usual, and my wife was giving me that all to familiar look when a friend of mine (yes, I would actually consider if a friend and colleague, I have played frisbee with him, as well as had him and his wife in my house) Adam Walker Cleveland, put out a tweet over Twitter asking questions about writing his statement of faith for his ordination. Several people responded with their thoughts and one, Shawn Coons (Union grad and member of the DAIO crew), sent out a challenge. This challenge has taken off, like wild fire! Almost all of the people that I interact with via the internet have taken up this challenge. You can view the results here. There have been several blog posts about it (Mark Smith, Bruce-Reyes Chow, Adam Walker Cleveland, Presbymergent), there is a facebook group, and generally there seems to be a lot of buzz about the idea of sharing your faith in 136 characters or less. (136 because Twitter allows only 140 characters per post and in order for others to see it you need to add the tag #TOF)

Basically what this boils down to, in my humble opinion, is that social networks can get people talking, and thinking about what they believe and what makes them tick. This also helps me to legitmate my use of Twitter and maybe you should give it a look. Some of my friends have taken the time to give instruction and reason behind using this network so I will share that with you:

Shawn Coons Twitter 101- or “Why do I care what you are doing?”
Adam Signing Up For and Using Twitter

This phenomenon is the definition of what it means to go viral, so enjoy it.

I almost forgot, I probably should share my contribution to the Twitter of Faith world. Well here it is:

I believe in god. God shows godself through relationships, through silence, through sacraments, through scripture. God guides my life. #TOF

Please feel free to leave your TOF here in the comment line or join the facebook group, or even get on twitter. If you are looking for me, you can find me here, or here, or here.

One last thing, after reading a whole bunch of these TOFs from many different people across the twitterverse it brought up a question. Are statements of faith like this only reserved for Christians or do people of other faith traditions mark down what they believe in this way? If you have an answer to this question, or even some thoughts leave a comment, let’s talk.



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