First Annual First Presbyterian Church Youth Mountain Retreat/Lock In

About a week ago, (December 12-13 to be exact) we had scheduled an overnight retreat to Suttle Lake United Methodist Camp. We have planned to spend the night at Suttle Lake and the next morning get up and go skiing at Hoodoo Mountain Resort. Unfortunately, there was absolutely no snow. (I know you can’t tell now, but it was nothing but grass on the mountain.)

We decided to punt, instead of canceling or postponing the retreat. We decided to have a lock in at the church, help out with the deacons’ baskets (an event that is poorly named, because it should really be “the deacons give needy families food for a month” or something clever like that.), then we went to Sun Mountain Fun Center, for some bowling and arcade fun. We had 9 youth ranging from 6th-12th grade and three adults.

Friday night, we decided to do an art project. The project “liven” up the vest worn by the good folks at the Welcome Center on Sunday morning. We did three of the vests and so far over the last two Sundays, they have been used. We also played sardines, Apples to Apples, PS2, ate a bunch of snacks, and even watched Napoleon Dynamite in the sanctuary.

Saturday morning, we got up and had some amazing rolls (thanks Brenda), shoveled snow, and had the opportunity to help the deacons. The fed 100+ families several tons of food. The folks that came for baskets also had other needs, like gifts for Christmas, warm clothes, etc. Because of the generous giving by the congregation bringing gifts to the manger, we were able to accommodate almost all the needs and wants of people. That came out in the several inches of snow. After helping with the baskets, we then piled in a couple of vehicles and went to Sun Mountain Fun Center, where we had…well…fun.

At about 4 PM we all went our separate ways, and all in all, I think it was a wonderful time of fellowship, service, and fun.

Here are some pictures to prove it:



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