Invitation to Contribute to the Lenten Devotional


First Presbyterian 2009 Lenten Devotional

The Spiritual Formation Team hopes to publish a 2009 Lenten Devotional incorporating a theme of “Unconditional Love: Appreciating His Journey to the Cross.” This simple booklet will be made available to all First Presbyterian community members as a gift to inspire deeper prayer and reflection during Lent.

Your written contributions are needed! Members, regular attendees, and guests of FPC are encouraged to submit, individually or collectively, written “pages” so that for each of the Forty Days of Lent in 2009, we will have an original expression of insight to serve as one day’s reminder, lesson, observation, or reflection. Your story from the heart on the above subject will be a wonderful addition to the final product! Simple complementary artwork can be included as well.

Susie and David Burns and Bill Dittler will edit, lay-out and publish this offering. Please let the Burnses know by January 12 if you intend to submit material for the booklet. Their email address:; their phone number: 541-312-2195.

A final deadline for all written submissions to the Burnses: February 2. You may wish to cite a scriptural reference, followed by a message, and summarized with a prayer. Other styles are also welcomed. Perhaps, God would have you just relate a story from your heart about the theme or subject. You can submit your contribution in hand-written, typed, or emailed versions to the Church Office, or to David, Susie or Bill. Suggested entry length is 650 words or less.

You may wish to be anonymous as the author! If so, just let the Burnses know your desire when submitting your entry. If you choose to submit a written piece for a particular day, such as Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday or Holy Thursday, please advise David or Susie of your intended time-frame for submission. More than one submission per person is of course welcomed too! And you needn’t consider yourself a “writer” to offer a contribution! All voices are needed to offer a chorus of united believers.

Pastor Koski is excited about the creativity in our church and looks forward to seeing what our hearts reveal when contemplating Christ’s Unconditional Love. The Spiritual Formation Team, learning from its December Art Exhibit, recognizes the abundant God-given talents within us all and the opportunities such gifts allow for spiritual growth in others. So join in the fun of this next exploration by offering your “take” on Love at The Cross to your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We look forward to hearing from YOU!

–The Spiritual Formation Team


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