"I am an Elitist Presbyterian"

One of my imaginary friends(Carol Howard Merritt) wrote a BRILLIANT post on her blog (Tribal Church) today and it was super convicting. It opened my eyes to the way I think and act. It also showed me that I may be unwelcoming to an entire group of people that I thought I was reaching out to. Jeez…what an idiot I am. Another one of my imaginary friends (The GA Junkie…who I actually met at GA) also wrote a post that was interesting in response to Carol’s post.

Here is mine…

My name is Greg and I am an Elitist Presbyterian. (not necessarily proud of that…but it is part of who I am.)

There I said it. I try very hard to meet and talk with people from much more conservative/evangelical backgrounds than mine and to be honest…I think some of them are phony! Kerri (commented) mentioned it before about “amazing” things/decisions/music/numbers and some times it bothers me because some of their youth also come to our youth group and often say different (much more negative) things about their experiences.

I also think I am an elitist in other things, because I have two masters degrees because I had to go to three years of seminary and pass 5 ordination exams and move through the some time daunting process towards ordination. (certified ready to seek a call…see what I mean…I can’t stop…no one knows what that means except for a few presbys)

I also think part of it is that has to do with the fact that many of the evangelical/conservative folks that I run into don’t believe that my interpretation of Scripture, the way I believe, is Christian…at all. I feel demeaned, then I get defensive, then I stand up on my soap box and I think things like “how can this guy (yes, guy) sit there and tell me how to interpret Scripture when I spent hours and hours of my life learning Greek and Hebrew.”

I guess it boils down to…I need to get over myself if I want to continue to be an effective pastor in whatever forms that takes. Thanks Carol!




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