I Love Social Networks!

Today is my birthday…it’s about 12:30 PM here on the west coast and I have received over 60 birthday wishes on my facebook wall. It makes me feel AWESOME!

I know, personally, most of the people that have written on my wall, there are some are my “imaginary” friends (read here online). I also don’t have any delusion that these folks are that terribly interested in whether or not its my birthday. Most of them I don’t communicate with on a regular basis, but today because their facebook home page reminded them, they took the time to click on my name and say “Happy Birthday!”

It might seem silly, but that little gesture helps me to remember that I am loved. It’s a small thing but it helps. If I knew more people in my the community where I live, my guess is that they would wish me a happy birthday. (We celebrated my birthday with cinnamon rolls during this week’s staff meeting! Yum!) But knowing that there are people all over the country that thought about little ole me for just a second today, make me feel good.

I try to click on everyone’s name on my facebook homepage when it is their birthday. (I almost always say, “Happy B-day!”) I will continue to click on people’s names that I barely know, haven’t talked to since high school, or I see every day in hopes that on the anniversary of their entrance into this world that they will be reminded that they are loved, not only by the one who created them, but also by the community they reside in and the people they have encountered in their life.

That is why I love social networks. In a brief span of time you can reach out to someone thousands of miles away and help them to feel loved, it may be a little thing, but it is those little things that help us to get through the big stuff.

Blessings and Thank you,

Greg Bolt


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