A New Dimension…or Something like that

The youth program at First Presbyterian is about to enter a new dimension…OK, well that might be a little bit of a stretch, but it got your attention right? On April 1st we are going to start our new schedule of events. We will still be meeting Wednesday nights from 5:30-8:00, but from April until October we are going to try a new experiment.

The first Wednesday of the month will be Parenting 2.0, in these sessions we will be learning from each other, parents from youth and youth from parents about issues that effect both the youth and the parents. Our first installment, April 1, will be on “Social Networks: Friend or Tool of the Devil :-)”. We will try to look at the most popular networks (Facebook and Myspace) trying to get a handle on how to use them appropriately in today’s world. All are welcome and hopefully we can all learn from each other.

The second Wednesday of the month will be Movie Night, in these weeks we will select appropriate movies for both the Flock and the Fold to view and discuss amongst their peers. The first movies, April 8, will be “Nick and Norra’s Infinite Playlist” (The Fold) and “Bridge to Terebithia” (The Flock).

The third Wednesday of the month will be Bendfp Book Club, this will be an opportunity for members of both the Flock and The Fold to read a book together and discuss how it informs their faith, life, and interests. The first book, April 15, will be “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyer.

The fourth Wednesday of the month will be Finding Myself in the Bible, here we will look at stories of the Bible and seek to find meaning in them for us. We will incorporate several different types of Bible study, ranging from silence to goofy games. On April 22, The Fold will study “Jeremiah 31: New Covenants” and the Flock will study “Genesis 1: The Beginning?”.

If there is a fifth Wednesday (April, July, and September) we will spend that week simple being with one another. We will spend time playing games, hanging out, and getting to know each other better, this time will be a chance for the 6th-12th graders to share stories over games of SingStar and Apples to Apples.

This is a giant undertakign and will take the help of many adult volunteers and parents. If you have any questions or would like to be a part of any of these offerings contact Greg (gbolt@bendfp.org or 541-350-8074). Thanks for all of your support.



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