Lenten Devotional: Retying The Knot of Love by Corle Hull

Over this Lenten season, the Spiritual Formation team at First Presbyterian Church in Bend put a call out to all to submit writings for a Lenten Devotional. I will do my best to post those here daily. You can also go to our website and access all of the devotions on a pdf file.

Here is the next submission:


It’s hard and it will hurt

But you must dig way down

And find the tangled knots

Pull them to the surface

Now you must untie these granny knots

For granny knots they truly are

My mother tied them up in me

And I have tied them tight in you

Work gently, for you do not want

To break the threads of love

Work patiently, for you want to

Completely be free from your tangled past

When those knots are all undone

Carefully weave a true love knot

Bind and bond with me, ebb and flow with me,

Come and go with me, laugh and cry with me

Let us dance the dance of life

The way we should

Free to interact and love and disagree

But never more to battle one another

–Corle Hull


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