You May Have Heard It Said…But.. (Repost from Feb. 24)

Yesterday in the Bend Bulletin they had a story on the front page of the Community Living section was as story about IgniteBend 1 and a picture of yours truly. There were a lot of people asking about it today in church so I thought I would repost the video of my presentation.

So here it is:

You May Have Heard It Said, But… from Greg Bolt on Vimeo.

Now after many moons of waiting I am finally posting the video of the presentation that I did at Ignite Bend #1 on February 12. This was an opportunity to reclaim Christianity from the media and the talking heads we see on TV (or at least that is what my wife said). The title of my presentation was “You May Have Heard It Said…But“. Apparently, these events that have happened in several other cities and have attracted mostly techie presenters. I appreciate this group allowing me to crash their party.

I have received nothing but postitive response from people who saw this presentation, both live and on the live stream (which is still up if you want to see all eight presentations) over the interwebs. I thought I would put it here and see what other people thought. From this interaction I been able to make connections with some great folk in and around Bend, both in the context of ministry and on a personal level. I hope that I am able to continue my involment with these type of events and I hope that my relationships in the community will continue to grow. Another wonderful thing that happened while preparing for this event was that I sent out a call to help me with the language that I should use which garnered an overwhelming response that I blogged about here.

I would be remiss if I did not mention Matt and JoAnn at Pinnacle Media for there wonderful set up of all things media. (He also put together a DVD of this event that he is letting me rip and edit so I can post it here and here.) I would also like to give a shout out to Colin, Jen, Sarah, Julie, Melinda, Cassondra, Ryan, Owen and all of the other folks who made this happen. I also would like to give a plug for twitter because if it weren’t for that wonderful new medium I would have never known about this super awesome event.



PS There will be another Ignite Bend on June 4, that is already in the works and one scheduled for some time in September. Check it out it was fun.


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