The Flock Habitat for Humanity Kick Off Event

Last Saturday, 12 members of The Flock (Middle School Group), 1 member of The Fold (Senior High Group) and 4 adults got together early and worked at the Habitat for Humanity site on McKinley on the south-side of Bend. We worked moving top soil, rocks, planting iris bulbs and shrubs, painting, drinking hot chocolate loaded “pure cane sugar”.

This was also the introduction of our new members. As of April 1, the people who are finishing 5th grade and starting 6th in the fall are members of The Flock. We had three new members. As a welcome we talked to their parents then showed up early on Saturday morning and SURPRISED them. We hope that this will be the beginning of a long…well 6 year…relationship with the youth program here at First Pres as well as the continuation of their growth in faith that will last them a life time.

Unfortunately, the battery in my camera was dead, but I was able to take some pictures with my phone. Check those out here:



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