I Love Youth Ministry (3)…

This is becoming a little bit of a series, but I think it’s important to say how much I love the youth I work with (#1, #2). They are quirky, funny, creative, clever, and they let me be a part of their lives when letting people in is a scary proposition.

I went to a graduation party for one of the seniors in our group. It actually was a family BBQ that ended up being me, her boyfriend, and her extended family. That meant a lot to me, of all the people she could have invited she picked me, that’s huge. I might also mention that this particular senior, I believe, is destined for ministry (whether she likes it or not ;-)). Just a glimpse into her life plans, she wants to go to college and get a business degree so she can learn how to run a homeless shelter in a way that will be sustainable. WOW! I certainly wasn’t thinking about how I could helps others when I was 18. In fact, I think I was trying to figure out how I could make it to the majors in baseball.

But enough of that…let’s get to the reason for this post!

So (as I said) I went to a graduation party, a party where I got a gift (a shocker for me…I certainly wasn’t expecting anything and I don’t give the youth gifts anyway…but I digress) the gift was FREAKING AMAZING!

It was a diarama inspired by the Christopher Moore book Lamb.

(If you haven’t read this book you should…DISCLAIMER: It is seriously irreverent, there is some graphic images and language, all that said I think it is a great book for young adults who pose that eternal question, “What the heck was Jesus doing when he was my age?”)

Here are pictures of the diarama complete with concubines (pictures of the Disney character, Mulan);bacon band-aids; Jesus and Biff Action figures; and a Yeti, AMAZING, CREATIVE:




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