The Myth of Scarcity

I am reading this book called “OMG: A Youth Ministry Handbook” edited by Kenda Creasy Dean. I’m only a couple of chapters in but I came across this quote that I wanted to get some feedback on. I wanted to see what you thought.

It is ironic that Christians, especially those born into a culture of plenty, buy into the scarcity myth: the fear that there is not enough to go around promotes gratuitous consumption at every level. Despite God’s lavish and prodigal grace, which has showered creation with resources that promote the flourishing of life, sin allows the suspicion of scarcity to supplant our awareness of God’s abundance. The scarcity myth destroys trust and leads people to hoard rather than share life-giving resources. Whether it is an Israelite squirreling away more than his share of manna or a teenager amassing more after-school activities than she can ever invest in, we humans have perfected the art of distrusting God’s providence. We try to protect ourselves against the future. It always backfires.

Given all the directions that our youth and parents are pulled in, I think this quote speaks to our need to trust that God WILL actually provide.




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