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Hey Youth, Parents and Partners,

The year is coming to a close and so are our weekly meetings. The last Senior High Monday night meeting will be Monday, May 30th, the last Middle School Wednesday night meeting will be Wednesday, May 25th.

Check out this link, the youth blog (bendfpyouth.wordpress.com) or the posters in the Commons area for Summer dates.

Middle School Mid-Week Gathering- Wednesday 5:30-7:30 at Trinity Episcopal Church (downtown) Come for dinner, games, small group and work projects. $3 for dinner.

Senior High Youth Gathering- Monday 6:00-8:00 at Common Table (downtown) Come for dinner, conversation, games and projects this week. $5 for dinner

More information on all gatherings: Pastor Greg Bolt, gbolt@bendfp.org

This Sunday is an opportunity to involve your family in a service project.  Members of the congregation will be picking up trash in our neighborhood.  We will head over to Bend High School after the 9 o’clock service and head down 9th street toward the circle after the 10:45 service.  Doing service together as a family and then talking about why you do it is a great way to do faith formation @ home.

Here is a link to the May edition of Heartfelt http://www.thelogosministry.org/heartfelt.html

This on-line newsletter for parents focuses on teaching honor, courage and bravery this month.

Thought this was a good reminder: http://youtu.be/x4VgObInXHA

Also here is a word from www.fosterORadopt.com on the need for foster parents. Heidi and I are currently starting the process to become certified a foster parents, this is the beginning of our journey. Find out about why here

“As a community who cares for the wellbeing of our children, it is timely that we recognize that May Is National Foster Care Month. This month, and every day, we have an opportunity to support the children and youth who live in our homes, neighborhoods and our great city. There are foster parents in our community who take children in temporarily until they can be reunited with their families. These foster parents do it because they care, because they want to make a difference, and because they know every child deserves a safe and nurturing place to call home.

Many people aren’t aware that one of the State’s greatest needs is to find safe, loving and skilled homes who can care for children and youth with disabilities. Children and youth with disabilities who are also in the foster care system are one of the most vulnerable populations in the United States. Even so, little attention is paid to the unique challenges they face as they negotiate their way through multiple systems to adulthood. One of the best things we can do to serve these children and youth while they are in care is to connect them with families who are adequately prepared to care for them.

The ideal foster parent for a child with special needs has parented before and has experience in the medical, mental health and/or education fields. The traits most important for a foster parent of a child with special needs, however, are patience, understanding of diagnosed disabilities and the willingness and time to learn, make accommodations and access necessary resources.  Could you be this foster parent?

Last year over 14,000 children in Oregon spent at least one day in foster care. You can make a difference for one. Learn more about becoming a foster parent today. Call 1-800- 331-0503 or visit www.fosterORadopt.com.”


Greg Bolt

Pastor for Youth and Their Families

First Presbyterian Church- Bend, OR

twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ggbolt16

facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/ggbolt16

email: ggbolt16@gmail.com


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