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News and updates about the Youth Ministry at First Presbyterian Church in Bend, OR.
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Medical and Permission Form for Washington, DC



Fill out this form and return it to Greg’s office by February 6th with a deposit of $150 if you want to go on the trip to Washington, DC this summer.


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This year, as you can see, our emails look a little different! We are trying out a new service called MailChimp. Our hope is to be able to communicate more broadly to more people over more platforms in the simplest way possible!

Greg is going on Paternity Leave!

Greg will be on paternity leave during the months of February and March, but don’t you worry! Sandy and Scott Hill and Pam Ziegler have agreed to take up his duty for the middle school students on Wednesday night and Bob Brydges has agreed to help out with high school students on Mondays. If you are interested in helping out contact Ron Werner ( or Donna Jacobsen ( to jump in. If you have an emergency, please contact Steven at the church office.

Middle School

Middle School will continue to meet at First Presbyterian Church on Wednesday nights from 5:30-7:30 PM through the end of February. Starting in March our meetings will move to Trinity Episcopal Church at 469 NW Wall Street Bend, OR.

High School- Parent’s sign up to provide food for Monday nights! Email Denise Wright at Denise Wright

High School will continue to meet at Common Table Monday nights from 6:00-8:00 PM.

Click on the picture of the Lincoln Memorial to the left to get a Medical and Permission form for the Washington, DC trip coming up July 5-13. Forms and a deposit of $150 are due to Greg no later than February 6! Scholarships are available but you must talk to Greg before February! You can also click here for the form!

Speaking of Platforms…

There is a new way to “follow” what’s going on with the BendFP Youth. Here’s how it works: You text the phrase “follow bendfpyouth” to 40404, and that’s it! Every time a tweet comes from the bendfpyouth twitter account (which I promise will be less than 5 a week) you will receive a text and have the most up to date info.

If receiving texts isn’t your thing, don’t worry! We have roughly 12 different ways to communicate information about our youth ministry. If you have a facebook account, I would encourage you to “like” BendFPYouth and the Bend Youth Collective pages. If you have a Twitter account I would encourage you to follow BendFPYouth. If those don’t work for you here are some other way that we give out information: Faith Notes, Bulletin (see you Sunday), E-News (sign-up here), BlogWebsiteCalendar, Email list (if you’re getting this you’re on it), Text, Phone Call (make sure I have your current information), and Personal Contact (see you at church). I hope that covers it. If not, we’ll send a carrier pigeon or something.