Presbyterian Youth Triennium-We should so do this!!


I have been to this event as a youth (1995) and as a small group leader (2007), it was amazing! There in 1995 was the first time I ever KNEW that I was in the presence of God. it was the first time I REALLY felt the love of God in my life. I hope that we can share that feeling together at Presbyterian Youth Triennium. (Check out videos from the last one on Youtube)

Every three years the Presbyterian Church (USA), Cumberland Presbyterian Church and Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America gather thousands of Presbyterian youth and adult youth leaders together for worship, play, music, community building, and Bible study. This is known as the Presbyterian Youth Triennium or PYT! PYT is for young people entering or completed high school (approximately age 14-19 years old by July 20, 2010). Adult Advisors must be 21 years of age by this date. A Work Crew track is available for college-aged young people who would like to apply to attend and volunteer to work behind the scenes. There is also a new Ambassador program for our more mature friends. Check it all out! We hope to see you all at Triennium 2010.

2007 Presbyterian Youth Triennium Highlight Video from Presbyterian Youth on Vimeo.