What Can I Do?

This man, Micah Bournes, is the truth! He brings knowledge, inspiration and excitement to the conversation.

He asks a simple question, what  can I do?

So, the question now is…what can YOU do?

Let’s talk.




The Voice of Justice

A couple of weeks ago there was a conference in Bend that brought people from all over the country to talk about justice. This conference was  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Justice Conference but what I have heard and seen out of it has been amazing.

I hold up this video to you for your study. It was shown on the first night of the conference.

If Justice and Injustice were in the flesh, what would they say to us? Which would commend, which would rebuke—and whose voice would be most familiar?

Directed By: Nate Salciccioli
Script By: Micah Bournes and Chris Cambell
Produced By: Nate Salciccioli and Matthew Smith
Cinematography By: Benjamin Edward and Nate Salciccioli
Lighting/Crane Operation/Grips By: Marshall Burgtorf
Score By: Ben Larson and Reed Reimer
Editing By: Chad Mazzara and Jerod Wanner
Color Grading: Nate Salciccioli and Jerod Wanner
Additional Edits: Nate Salciccioli
Justice: Lauren Edwards
Injustice: Micah Bournes